Australian Newspaper digitization Trove

Last week in one of the WAGS Forums, I posted details of several new Victorian newspaper titles which had been added to Trove.

The response from one of our members was but what about "The Mount Alexander Mail"!

What about it indeed...

There would be few among you who haven't heard of Trove, an initiative of the National Library of Australia and most would use it to access digitized Australian newspapers.

Your help is needed Who are they??

Can anyone identify any of the men featured in a photo from my grandparents' collection?

The man in the centre of the photo appears to be the focus of the group. He's the only one seated and has a certificate or document in his hand and the hand of an official looking man on his shoulder.

My grandfather, William Hassell is squatting in the front row, far right.

Family history leads - where to from here? geni1

I've decided to use Google Blogger as the means for telling the stories of my family and ancestors and as you can imagine, was very interested to read in the Bookmarks feature in the December 2012 issue of the Western Ancestor, that The New Zealand Genealogist (August 2012) featured an article entitled Blogging your family history.

The article was informative with many helpful tips and ideas and because I'm always interested to find out how other societies disseminate information about the services and resources they provide, examined the issue more thoroughly. It's an excellent publication and well worth a look.