Happy Grinchmas...

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

The silly season is once again upon us and we will no doubt experience some Grumps and Curmudgeons in full flight.

For the simple explanation of what constitutes a grump see the definitions under Grumpy page for the 'normal' expectation of what a grump (or curmudgeon) is supposed to be.

So what is a Curmudgeon?

Curmudgeons however live in a much higher plane than that of the run of the mill grump.

Well sorry, they probably didn't...Small boat lost at sea, artist C Leipold, image ex vintage-views.com

Boats are small, ships are big - boats go to and from Rottnest Island, up the Swan river or other estuaries - Ships travel on the ocean or sea & Boats go on Ships.

Anyone who migrated by sea to Australia over the past 200 years (excluding recent refugees) is pretty much guaranteed to have come on a Ship.

Nothing annoys an ex seafarer more than to have his/her life at sea referred to as he/she having spent time on a boat...

Or maybe the Grumpy Genealogist   Confucious

The articles in this section of the WAGS Blog are for genealogy and family history grumps and curmudgeons! 

If you have a curmudgeon or perhaps a grumpy bent - you might be welcome - depending on the weather. 

So why the Genealogy Curmudgeon and not the Grumpy Genealogist?

You may well ask, and over time an explantion of sorts will eventuate, but for now you will just have to deal with not knowing.  

On being a GrumpGrumpy

As one who was born at a certain time in the mid 1900's, within what is commonly known as the 'Baby Boomer' generation, and having now attained a certain age, it is incumbent upon one to comply with the expectations of society and maintain the correct tradition, i.e. become a Grump. 

This can be somewhat of a burden, as it is not all that easy to comply with this expectations on all occasions, but one does what one can and there are certain benefits (to be explained in future articles).