NCO Class Blackboy Hill WA, 2 December 1915 - Who are they?Blackboy Hill WA - NCO class 2 Dec 1915 -ex Susan Salvair

WAGS member Susan has this photo in her possession, which presumably includes an image of her great uncle Robert MacBeth, but she doesn't know for sure.

So, the challenge for you, dear genealogists and family historians, is to identify all of the 33 men in the photo.

Click on the image below, and to get a full sized view, click on the link above the image in the new page.

You can then use your keyboard "Ctrl" & "Plus" keys together to enlarge the image.NCO Class 2-12-1915 Blackboy Hill WA. Who are they? NCO Class 2-12-1915 Blackboy Hill WA. Who are they? Where did they come from? Where did they go?

You can help - The men have been numbered so we can put names to the individuals.

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Hopefully we can get names for all of these men, and a complete story for the NCO Class of December 1915.

These men would most likely have gone to the Western Front.