Passenger Arrivals and Departures for Swan River Colony 1826-1838 SwanRiver Colony Passenger Arrivals and Departures 1826-1838

This article was first published in August 2012.

This significant set of Western Australian historical data, produced by Graham Bown on behalf of the Swan River Pioneers 1829-1838, (a Special Interest Group of the Western Australian Genealogical Society Inc.), is available to WAGS members via the WAGS website as from 23 August 2012.

This is a great resource of early Western Australian data, painstakingly compiled over a number of years from a wide variety of primary and secondary sources.

We thank Graham Bown, and the Swan River Pioneers group, for allowing us to present this data to members.

The database contains details of 4,395 immigrants arriving into the Swan River Colony between 1829 and 1838, and approximately 1,500 departures from the Colony between these dates. There are also ages of passengers, details of marriages, information about passengers in transit, departure ports, nationality, and various other pieces of information about the passengers arriving in the Colony.

The data which was originally available on a CD produced by the Western Australian Genealogical Society Inc, has been updated and is now presented in a searchable database table. Some of the data has been consolidated in the table columns, and other data separated for ease of searching and due to the restricted space available in a web page, eg. there are new columns for age, departure and marriage, but notes, and sources have been consolidated.

Members need to log in to the WAGS website to view the web page at: Swan River Colony Arrivals and Departures 1829-1838

This data is a significant research tool for the genealogist and family historian looking for their ancestry in Western Australia.