The Open Road - London 19241926 London

If you enjoyed the Pudding Lane fly through animation, you will no doubt be interested in this colour film of London between the Wars, including a Paddington Lane walk through.

Prize winning animation 17c London

A group of 6 Game Art Design students from De Montfort University in Leicester have won accolades for their recreation of the streets that went up in flames during the Great Fire of London.

Using detailed maps of London in the 1600's, and visiting museums and different architecture from the era, their recreation of Pudding Lane area of London is really something to behold.

Passwords - We all have them, but are they any good? anonomous

This article was originally published in September 2012 - and is still relevant in September 2015

Any self respecting hacker will pride themselves on being able to crack a "normal" password in a very short time.

So what would a hacker be looking for to crack a password, and how long would it take?

"Problem Solvered "

This item was first published in August 2012Good News

The WAGS Computer Interest Group (CIG) meeting on Saturday 12th August 2012 was another success story for a first time visitor, who is now a new WAGS member.Long story short - our visitor had recently purchased a new laptop with 64bit Win7 preloaded, also just upgraded the operating system (OS) on their desktop PC to Win7 64bit as well.
The user was wanting to load (install from a CD) their 2006 version of a well known genealogy program onto the laptop (also their desktop PC), and was getting an error message to the effect that the computers were not allowing the loading of the genealogy program.