gauntletOK – I’m grumpy…. the West Coast Eagles couldn’t quite get over the line at today’s AFL Grand Final, nevertheless, they came second – and that’s still a win of sorts in my eyes.

There are sixteen other teams that would have given anything to be a contender in today’s final, even if I suspect, it meant coming second.  The Eagles were at least in there with a chance.

 Earlier today, Dick Eastman’s online genealogy newsletter dropped into my inbox and the title of an item ‘Blog your family tree’ caught my eye. It seemed as though providence was at work as Chris, our hard working Webmaster had just restored the WAGS blog to the Internet after it was hacked by sick people more interested in causing havoc than engaging in anything constructive. Chris was desperate for a new blog post to announce its re-emergence and I’ve decided to put my hand up and throw down a challenge to other WAGS members.  

But firstly, what did Dick have to say? This link will take you to his ‘blog’ item and I urge you to read it - but the following will give you a taste of its content. 

The best thing of all about blogs is the ease of reaching readers or subscribers. You may be surprised to find that a blog published by a local genealogy society can attract readers from all over the world. These new readers may have been born or raised in your area originally or perhaps their ancestors lived in your area. Others may read (subscribe to) your blog out of simple curiosity — to see how your society publishes in an effort to gain ideas for their own society’s blog. Whatever the reason, RSS feeds and other tools make it easy for people around the world to read your blog. A blog is an excellent, low-cost method of “getting the word out.”

We are genealogists, family historians and our kin are scattered throughout the world. We need to reach out beyond Bayswater, beyond Western Australia, beyond Australia if we are going to make crucial connections and find that elusive piece of information which might unlock an entire area of our research. As WAGS members, we have the power of the WAGS blog at our disposal, (to my knowledge, the only family history society in Australia to offer such an amazing opportunity to its members) and yet most of our members would prefer to place a notice on the pinup board in the society’s kitchen!!!

Blogging is not difficult and I’m willing to help you. You don’t have to be a Pulitzer Prize winner and technical wizard. All that’s needed is for you to put together a few paragraphs, a story, a request, a gripe, a comment. If you’re not confident about using a computer, write it out in longhand and I’ll convert it for you!  If you have any photos or items to illustrate your story or request, I’ll scan them for you……….. and best of all, I’ll upload your item to the WAGS Blog and present it to the world. (Chris does the rest behind the scenes) 

So here’s the challenge! Several new articles will be uploaded to the WAGS blog every month and if other members don’t avail themselves of this extraordinary opportunity, I certainly will…. I’ve experienced the power of blogging and it’s awesome!  Do you want to keep reading about my family? If not, get out of your armchair, shrug off your inertia and let me have your blog items.  

Like the West Coast Eagles, I’m going to be a contender. I may not get a win every time but I’m going to be in there with a chance. What about you? 


 Bloss the Blogger