What's in a number plate

This afternoon I have been digitising some of our family photographs, concentrating on those featuring motor cars. Most of the vehicles in the pics were built from scratch by my Dad, a motor mechanic of extraordinary ability.

My lack of interest in and knowledge about cars is well known (as evidence check out my cellulite ridden Hyundai) but I was curious about the make and model of the vehicles captured in the photos as well as their owners and remembered a source discovered during my working days in the Battye Library. It is now available online.

Are they relevant to my research Country Cloud

An interesting discussion took place a while ago on the WAGSNet mailing list (closed list for members only) about who uses the WAGS facilities and the areas that members are interested in researching their family history.

So, it begs the wider question (or statement) that members often get from the general public:- Why should I join the local genealogy society - when all they do is local research, and I am interested in overseas research?

Well folks, that is the biggest misconception there is about joining any family history or genealogy society. Local Family History Societies only do worldwide research.... they just live in your community.

The British Newspaper Archive (BNA) The BNA

Now available in the WAGS LibraryTo celebrate Family History Week, WAGS Library has purchased two subscriptions to the British Newspaper Archive with the generous assistance of two of the WAGS Special Interest Groups, the EPG (Enrolled Pensioner Guards) and the Scottish SIG.

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