Two Lost Bibles

Illustration from a Bible mentioned in this article - Nathans Parable - 2 Sam 12, 1-15There's evidence that my great grandfather, who arrived in South Australia in 1848, brought with him a family bible. I have a copy of an old piece of paper which lists all fourteen of his siblings with their dates of birth and a note at the bottom coppay (sic) this in you (sic) bible and let Hanary (sic) have it as well.

Henry was the brother who accompanied my great grandfather Matthew March to Australia. Sadly, there's been no sighting of the bible itself; no-one in the family has any idea where it is. It's because of this situation that I look with envy at the two bibles on the shelf in the WAGS Library office and wish they were my family's lost volume... but they aren't.